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About Chris and Clayton

Chris Conner, an Idaho native, has been building homes since the late 70’s as Chris Conner Construction. With Chris’ son, Clayton, joining as a partner in 2016, the family owned construction company will now be known as Conner Construction.

Chris was elected and served his state and local Building Contractors Association as both president and member of the board of directors. Chris has also served on the National Association of Home Builders board of directors.

Chris offers caring attention to the needs of his homebuyers and an uncompromising demand for quality workmanship in every detail of each estate home that he crafts. This approach has not only won him many accolades and awards for the homes he has built, but has also resulted in a long and treasured list of testimonials from satisfied homebuyers. Chris has built his reputation on the innovative, exciting, livable and luxurious homes throughout the valley that represent the fulfillment of his homebuyers’ dreams and their satisfaction with the custom home building experience.

At Conner Construction, we believe it is our job to provide world-class customer service, and to not only meet but exceed the customers’ expectations. The company uses only the finest craftsmen and suppliers, who will provide you with a delightful experience before, during and after the sale.

Chris was named Builder of the Year for the Building Contractors Association of Southwestern Idaho as well as Builder of the Year for the Idaho Building Contractors Association.


Clayton Conner has been working for Conner Construction since the age of 12 when he started his career hauling two by fours and picking up trash at job sites. His love for design and construction has only grown through the years. Having recently received a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management with a minor in Business from Boise State University, Clayton successfully completed his studies in 3.5 years versus the standard four. Upon graduating with honors, Clayton was in the top 20% of students at the University and was an integral part in the Construction Management Honor Society Program. He was also an active and contributing member to many extracurricular construction projects during his studies. Clayton has received his Associate Constructors certificate from the American Institute of Constructors and scored in the top 92 percentile in the nation.

Clayton looks forward to continuing the legacy that was set by his father, Chris, as one of Boise’s premier builders. With an eye for detail and quality, Conner Construction will continue to be a leader in the construction industry.

Mission Statement

At Conner Construction, we believe it is our job to not only meet, but exceed the customers’ expectations
and provide world-class customer service in excellence and efficiency. We hire only reputable employees’
and suppliers who will provide homeowners with excellence in skills and workmanship, before, during and
after the sale. We strive to have the highest standards of professionalism and ethics so that owners can
enjoy the building process of their new home. We provide superior design and construction integrity,
which add to the project’s intrinsic resale value. Also, by providing a hands-on approach to building a
home, we know that we are developing lifelong relationships with clients, suppliers and employees

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